Majestic Equality of Law

Anatole FranceThe law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich and the poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.Anatole France

This is a great quote that cuts to the heart of conservative thought. This is exactly the thinking behind the flat tax. It is also why conservatives think of themselves as, well, “fair and balanced.” And when you think like that, you need a lot of balance!

While looking for the exact quote, I came upon another: “Remember: It’s Only Class Warfare When the Poor Fight Back.” It comes from a blog called The Angry Bureaucrat. The guy tends to be a bit wordy, but he has a lot to say, and—in great Frankly Curious fashion—on a lot of different subjects. Check him out.

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  1. Given my science-y background, especially chemistry and fluid dynamics, I’m a big fan of graphs. And I’m super anal about it when they aren’t well conceived, especially given the "open signifier" status of so called data in our political discourse (open signifier in the sense the word "justice" is an open signifier; manipulable but portrayed as self evidence/absolute/infallible – "the numbers don’t lie" bull). Accordingly, I loved the post you’ve linked (for what looks like Monday, December 12, 2011)! Thanks FM!!! Awesome. Pure awesome.

    And of course I don’t notice any word-ie-ness, cause that’s my style too. Haven’t you noticed?

  2. @Mike – Yeah, I really liked the graphs. There are many very popular bloggers who aren’t nearly as good as he is.

    Let me say a word about concise writing. It is hard to tell a story in a small number of words. It takes a lot of time. But if you care about your readers, you will take that time. Whose time is more valuable? I hate to skim articles, but I find I often must because people just won’t get to the point. Not that this is a problem with TAB. But concise writing is a good thing.

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