John McCain is a Generic Republican

I just tuned into the beginning of The Rachel Maddow Show. She was talking about tests of leadership and mentioned that John McCain passed his test of leadership in this 28 second video clip from the 2008 campaign:

I am so tired of McCain getting credit for this. He said this on 10 October 2008. By that time, he was 90% certain that he had lost the presidency. His countering this woman was his effort to save what little dignity he had left. Had the race been a dead heat, John McCain would have pandered as much as, say, Mitt Romney this last year.

John McCain gets far too much credit for reasonableness that he does not exhibit. People think he goes against his party, but the only time he did that was to get back at George W. Bush for his “black baby” whisper campaign. John McCain is a standard Republican senator. I can understand why conservative news outlets like him. What I can’t understand is why centrist news outlets treat him as anything other than another conservative. And I really can’t understand the honor showed him from liberal outlets.

John McCain. Orrin Hatch. Chuck Grassley. There all interchangeable.

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