Not Exactly Brain Surgery

This week I did a little job for a rocket scientist. It reminded me of this skit from The Mitchell & Webb Look about a meeting between two very intelligent (if obnoxious) men. Enjoy:

Which reminds me of a joke:

A guy walks into a bar and orders three martinis. The bartender says, “You know you can just buy them one at a time.” The guy laughs and tells that he is new in town. He used to live near his brother and sister and had drinks with them every night, so he wants to recreate this to cheer himself up. The bartender gives him three martinis, the guy drinks one and leaves. This goes on for the next month: guy orders three martinis, drinks one, leaves. Then one evening, the guy walks in and orders two martinis. The bartender says, “I hope nothing happened to your brother or sister.” The guy says, “No, I just decided to quit drinking.”

That’s a very sweet joke. Have a good night.

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