Crab v Dachshund

Unlike most videos that feature dogs, I do not find this adorable. But it is very interesting:

What we see here is gross difference in perspective. The Dachshund is playing—it might as well be chasing a ball. But for the crab, this is an existential conflict. Even if the dog means it no harm, and the crab has no way of knowing this, the dog could easily kill it by accident.

The video has a certain drama to it. Throughout, I was hoping that the crab made it to safety. I didn’t think this because I particularly care about the fate of any given crustacean. But I did think that if this dork with the camera posted the video with this feel-good music and the crab died, I was going to be very angry.

I kind of am anyway. As I said, this was not a fun time for the crab. If it had been my dog, I would have pulled him away. “Leave the poor crab alone and be happy you were born a mammal whose every need (except crustacean crashing) is taken care of.”


I just noticed the top comment on the video read, “I think it’s quite the stretch of words to consider them ‘playing’… The dog was definitely playing…the crab was running for its life!” Indeed.

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0 thoughts on “Crab v Dachshund

  1. I agree! I read the post but didn’t feel the need to watch the video. I didn’t want to watch the crab be tormented. And why give the photographer more hits?

    This scenario is similar to children chasing birds at the park, or kids capturing lizards and holding them for what probably seems like eons to the lizards.

    Why do parents let children do this? Why do humans let their dogs terrorize other species? I believe it has to do with a simple lack of compassion. Some acts which seem insignificant to certain individuals will probably lead to the demise of humanity because some very important acts seem insignificant to too many.

  2. @Marwalk – Let me make an argument for the video. The crab is the hero. He really stands his ground when necessary and makes bee-lines to the ocean when he can. And it is funny at the end when the crab disappears under the surf and the dog is obviously confused. "Which way did he go, George?"

    Plus, I tend to think that the crab was very pleased with himself after he got away. That’s got to be like a movie escape for crabs.

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