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CanadaI sent a link to a friend up in Canada, and she could not open the page. I asked her if she could see the home page. Yes she could, but it was out of date. The most recent post was my article on the MPAA. I went and looked at it, and I noticed that it was the last article I posted before moving to a new hosting company. I’ve posted 65 articles since then!

It turns out that no one else is having this problem. No one else that I know of. If you’re reading this, you aren’t having the problem either. I think I’ve figured out what’s going on.

My old hosting company is still hosting my site—I’m paid up through the end of this month. When I moved the site to the new host, I changed the name servers for the domain name. These name servers used to point to the old host and now they point to the new host. (You understand that the network doesn’t work with names but rather numbers; what’s going on here is like someone putting the wrong address on a letter to you; you’re name might be right, but it will be delivered to the wrong house.) For whatever reason, my Canadian friend’s name servers are currently pointing to the wrong hosting company.

I hope this is not a problem throughout Canada, because I am huge in Canada!

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