Adam Sandler Should Stop Now

I’ll bet Rolling Stone’s movie reviewer, Peter Travers, really hates his job sometimes. Anyone who had seen the preview for Adam Sandler’s latest attempt would have known how terrible it was likely to be. (Actually, if you’ve seen the majority of his movies you would know the very high probability of this one sucking.)

According to Peter Travers:

The plot is a stew of half-baked ideas that quickly turns rancid. Jack has problems at work; his company will go under if he can’t persuade Al Pacino to play himself in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial. Watching the Oscar winner bust a move and freestyle rap while he extols the virtues of sipping a Dunkachinno is to witness desperation incarnate.

Sandler and director Dennis Dugan must have something on “The Godfather” to make him lower himself to these depths. “Burn it,” says Pacino after watching the commercial Sandler creates. “No one must ever see this.” The same goes for the movie.

The only reason I’m bringing it up is because I love the title of the review.

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