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One can’t deny that we live in an era of wonder, and yet, with their new motion-activated scent dispenser, Glade has taken the temporary freshening of air to inspirational heights. Just walk past the Sense & Spray and you’ll be enveloped in an invisible cloud of aromatic bliss. It’s like having a cosmetic counter employee in your living room! See for yourself. This is actual footage of a woman whose very existence has become a whirlwind of contentment through the power of odor masking.

Function aside, it’s the Sense & Spray’s form that really takes one’s breath away.The design engineers at Glade weren’t satisfied with simply bettering the world with this latest scent dissemination technology. They wanted to appeal, not only to the nose, but to the eyes. The Sense & Spray isn’t the Cone-of-Scent your grandmother kept on the back of the toilet like some weird alien craft. Taking their cue from abstract impressionism, Glade has created Art. With its faux stone texture and voluptuous curves, the Sense & Spray brings to mind an ancient fertility goddess. It doesn’t take an art major to see the similarities between the limbless, headless lower torso of the Sense & Spray and this Egyptian fertility figure in the Brooklyn Museum.


What does make this modern, aroma-filled goddess unique, is its unashamed and nearly anatomically correct placement of its lady parts. Obscure enough that one doesn’t need to explain it to the children, vaguely erotic enough to make a pubescent boy willing to have one in his room to mask the odor of gym socks, and symbolic enough for the barren-wombed to turn every room into a hopeful shrine. And who among us doesn’t wish for female genitalia that releases a pleasant aroma whenever someone walks past? Brilliant.

I suspect that Glade’s next offering to the gods just might be a phallic air-freshener that can be motion-activated with the touch of a finger.

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