Politics: 1 March 2011

Charlie Sheen Speaks Truth

Charlie Sheen is most likely an asshole and certainly has a lot of problems. You would certainly get that impression from this clip from The Last Word:

But one thing Sheen is right on about is Alcoholics Anonymous and its many 12-Step off-shoots. He calls it as it is: bullshit. As he states in the interview: he’s been in AA for over twenty years and that did not keep him clean and sober. Of course it didn’t. It is true that AA addicts will just claim that he wasn’t “working the steps” right or enough or whatever. But they are just apologizing for a program that doesn’t work. Sheen’s statement that AA is 5% effective is almost certainly wrong. In general, people who really want to get off drugs do so in about a third of the cases—whether they use a 12-step program or not. What’s more, the few studies of 12-step programs that AA has allowed have shown that while they do not make it any more likely that an addict will stay clean and sober, they make relapses far more common and far longer. So say what you will about Charlie Sheen, he’s right about AA: it’s bullshit.

And More Charlie

In general, I like Lawrence O’Donnell, but check out tonight’s clip:

It is very clear that O’Donnell has some real issues with drug use. He really wants to focus on Sheen’s problems—which are evident—but he seems completely unaware that he is showing that he has bought all the government-fed mostly-false anti-drug propaganda. And if this weren’t bad enough, he dedicates three long segments (11:43, 10:54, and 4:41—a total of 27 minutes and 18 seconds) to Sheen over two days when he devotes only a single short segment (3:20) to the tragedy in Libya! The reason, I’m afraid, is simple: O’Donnell, like most Americans, thinks that drug use and abuse is worse than murder.

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