Politics: 28 October 2010

More on Lauren Valle Attack

It bothers me that the attack on Lauren Valle is repeatedly referred to as a “stomping.” It was not a stomping, it was an attack, or if you prefer a more legal term: assault. There is more news on the attack, though. According to KTAR, the man accused of tackling her is Mike Pezzano. (It also bothers me that this act is repeatedly referred to as her being “held down”—sure, she was held down—right after she was tackled.)

When asked if he thinks he should apologize to Ms. Valle, Tim Profitt said, “I would like for her to apologize to me to be honest with you.” He did not go on to explain that he felt this way because he’s an ignorant, bigoted, small-minded man with a penis the size of his world view.

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