Politics: 27 October 2010

No Control of 50 ICBMs: Who Cares?

According to the LA Times, a computer glitch caused 50 ICBMs to go “off-line” at a Wyoming Air Force for 45 minutes. Given that the US has roughly ten thousand ICBMs, I don’t see why we care. The glitch did not put us in any danger of the missiles being launched. Just in case you were wondering.

Jack Conway’s Brother Matthew

The Louisville Courier-Journal recently reported that the brother of Kentucky Democratic Senatorial candidate Jack Conway’s was under investigation for drug trafficking. Even after almost 3000 words, the article never mentions what that drug might be. What’s more, the definition of trafficking is so broad that this could mean that Matthew Conway shared a joint with a friend once. Regardless of all this, there doesn’t seem to be any there here. There were two complaints, and the first seems to have come from Conway’s recently divorced wife. Certainly the narcotics officer investigating concluded that it was a case of revenge. He said, ““It just seemed like [the complaint} was a BS … domestic kind of issue.”

The conservative blogosphere is all over it, though. They are trying to make the case that Rand Paul’s campaign member’s stomping on the head of a Move-On protester is just a pretense to cover up the drug trafficking case. This is all sounding very much like those claims that Bill Clinton was a big-time drug dealer while governor of Arkansas.

And remember, this whole “scandal” is about Jack Conway’s brother—not about the candidate himself. So the real question is, “Who cares?” And the real answer is, “Conservatives, who never care about facts—who only care about winning.”

Teabag Crazy

This is just too good not to watch. It is an almost endless list of the teabagger craziness.

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