Politics: 12 September 2010

Say It Ain’t So, John!

The Washington Post reports that Idiot Minority Leader in the house, John Boehner, told Face the Nation that he might not oppose ending the tax cuts on the wealthiest 2% of Americans. We’ll see where that goes. But here’s the thing: the article’s lede states, “Congress is returning for a final pre-legislative session on Monday to confront the thorny issue of potentially raising taxes during an economic downturn…” This is not about raising taxes, as even the article itself makes clear in the following sentence. This is about letting a tax cut expire. Framing it as a tax increase is just Republican propaganda.

Making it to Third Basel

Global regulators are now going to require banks to hold 7% of their capital in top-quality (whatever that means) reserves. These are known as the Basel III rules. I can hear you say, “Only 7%?! What was it before?” It was 2% before. Hopefully this 350% increase will stop future financial meltdowns. What are the odds?

More Human All the Time

Georgia Tech scientists have created a robot that, “actively lies, cheats, hides and steals to accomplish its treacherous goals.” And you thought we weren’t making any progress toward human-like robots!

You Don’t Actually Have to do it, Silly!

As expected (by me, anyway), most people where it matters don’t know that the small group of intolerant “Christians” had called off their Koran burning. This resulted in two protesters being killed and many more injured during demonstrations in Afghanistan yesterday.

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  1. "Say it ain’t so, John!"–It is so typical of media trying to sway or reinforce peoples’ opinions. This is what true subliminal advertising is. It is covertlty overt.

    "You don’t actually have to do it, Silly!"–I would like to see you flesh this out a little. I’m not sure which side the victims were on.

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