Politics: 10 September 2010

I am deeply depressed—it doesn’t matter why. But this fact may explain why my entire entry today is a defense of Phil Davison. Yesterday, I posted his speech to the Stark County Republican Party’s executive committee. I have watched it a few more times. You can hear people laughing at him during the speech. And I still find it very funny, myself. But it isn’t as though the man is an idiot or is out of control. Sometimes you just get on the wrong track and you can’t get off it. The guy had a bad day. Given that he is a Republican, I can’t think too highly of him. Just the same, being an empathic person, I can totally see myself ranting like that. In fact, I probably do it all the time. It is just that no one cares enough about me to record it.

So Phil: if we are ever in the same town, I would definitely like to take you out for a beer. To be honest, you could use it! This may be the opportunity you are waiting for! Forget that treasurer business. Forget about infestation. I’m talking about the opportunity to drink beer with me in a well fumigated bar where we can watch football—not touch-football—winner take all, football! Let me repeat that so there is no miscommunication: if we are ever in the same town, I would definitely like to take you out for a beer and watch non-touch football in a well-fumigated bar! In all honesty, I think it would be fun. Because, like it or not: you are a nut. (And I mean that in the best way!)

Thank you very much!

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