Politics: 6 September 2010

This was a holiday: I should have taken it off.

New and many polls show that Americans by and large think the Republicans would do a better job running the country. I don’t get it. Are people just not paying attention? I’m still hopeful that the polls are meaningless. It will drive you crazy trying to follow the races when they are still two months out. Don’t be like me!

On Friday, Craigslist was forced to shut down their adult services section. This didn’t surprise me, but as Danah Boyd points out, this is only going to make matters worse. I’ll let her speak for herself:

For the last 12 years, I’ve dedicated immense amounts of time, money and energy to end violence against women and children. As a victim of violence myself, I’m deeply committed to destroying any institution or individual leveraging the sex-power matrix that results in child trafficking, nonconsensual prostitution, domestic violence and other abuses. If I believed that censoring Craigslist would achieve these goals, I’d be the first in line to watch them fall. But from the bottom of my soul and the depths of my intellect, I believe that the current efforts to censor Craigslist’s “adult services” achieves the absolute opposite. Rather than helping those who are abused, it fundamentally helps pimps, human traffickers and others who profit off of abusing others.

More NATO forces are headed to Afghanistan. Does anyone really think we’ll leave there in a year? Even in the way we’ve “left” Iraq?

Obama wants to cut more business investment taxes. Yawn! Paul Krugman put it well in a recent post:

I can understand why the people who persuaded Obama to go for the capillaries might still be claiming that they have the right strategy; but I don’t understand why Obama is still listening to them.

And finally, I found this really interesting guy on YouTube, Radio Hogan, who has put up over 250 ten-minute lectures. This one is a nice little comparison of Keynes and Friedman. What he says is right on.

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