Politics: 3 September 2010

After spending $104 million, Meg Witless has mostly managed to greatly increase her negative ratings. Jerry Brown is just about ready to start up his campaign. I think we have a very good chance of winning this election. Ideology aside, I think that Whitman would be a disaster as governor.

Based upon a conversation I had with Pow Wow, he put a very good political song of his online:

He writes:

“About Time” written in September, 2008 by Wayne Poehlman is covered here by Pow Wow in the POWWOWTHEATER. This song was intended to be the theme song for Barrack O’Bama’s campaign. Unfortunately… well, you know it didn’t turn out that way. Nevertheless, as I keep hearing about Glen Beck (and I use his name here because I know how the Google algorithms work – I want his folks to hear this), that there were scores of uncounted people under the trees, while at the same time I hear… I hear an echo of Strange Fruit and can’t help wondering about those people under those trees. Here are the words to “About Time” just in case you missed any, or in case you would like to read them to your young children before bedtime:

I pray the time has come when we will never again see
Strange Fruit hanging from a tree
No more smallpox blankets or internment camps
Maybe find a way to put an end to the same old song and dance

It’s about time we do something together
It’s about time we see things for what they are
It’s about time we demonstrate we’re better
better than that better by far

From Tuskegee to the Trail of Tears history’s replete
With examples of intent to kill, yet no one is ever held to blame
I’m not so sure there is a cure, when it’s all tied to greed
But sleepy eyes are opening; this time our efforts might succeed

It’s about time we build a bridge with substance
It’s about time we create a legacy
It’s about time we see ourselves making a difference
Maybe for the first time change history

No more False-Flag maneuvers in the name of Peace
No more Extraordinary Rendition – exported Torture, if you please
The whole world is watching now, and rightfully so
Tomorrow’s headline needs to read: The Past Has Got To Go

It’s about time for a change in the weather
It’s about time we finally arrive at Eventually
It’s about time we show ourselves we’re better
better than what we used to be

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