Don’t Steal Image Bandwidth

Most of the images on this site are free to use. That’s even true of our own personal content. If you want to use our images directly from our server to place in your webpage (hot linking), we have no problem with this. However, this is only acceptable if the link is straight and does not include the “nofollow” relation. This means if it is your own website, this is probably fine. If you are posting something on a forum or in a site’s comments, it probably isn’t, because most sites automatically add the “nofollow” relation.

If this is the case, the images are still available to use under CC BY 3.0. You are still required to provide credit to Frankly Curious. What you need to do is download the image onto your own machine and then use it from there or some other server that you have access to. If you do this, we will almost certainly not notice if you don’t give us create or don’t link back to our site. But at least you won’t be stealing our website without giving us proper credit, and that’s far better.

If you have questions, ask us.

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