Morning Music: Timber

Timber - Pitbull ft Ke$ha

You may remember that the first Sheep in a Box selection was The Hu and I noted how unplugged I was from modern culture that I had never heard of them despite their videos have tens of millions of views. Well, my friends, let me introduce “Timber.”

Sheep uses the song to mock Thoughty2 because he pronounces “timbre” as “timber” rather than the established “tamber.” This is one of those things that drives me a bit crazy. Most people do pronounce it the “wrong” way and it is a lot like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. But what bugs me is that I know I can’t correct them because they aren’t exactly wrong and I would be a dick to correct them even if they were wrong.

Not that I have a problem with Sheep mocking Thoughty2. In addition to him being very unsympathetic, who goes back and fixes one of his mistakes (badly) but leaves the other? But most of all: you learn how to pronounce “timbre” when you study music. Thoughty2 is showing that he’s never taken music seriously. But we already knew that.

The Billion View Video I Missed

Anyway, Sheep put on a bit of the song “Timber,” which unknown to me, was an international mega-hit in 2013. It was so big it made the US Billboard Hot 100 for the decade. Its video has over a billion views on YouTube.

Now you might be wondering, “How does Frank manage to avoid hearing such a phenomenon?” As all my grammar school teachers could have told you: I don’t pay attention. And as all my friends can tell you: I don’t go out much except for walks where I’m alone with the crows.

“Timber” is by Pitbull with Ke$ha sharing vocals. I can see why it was a big hit. It’s very catchy and it combines hip hop with that Shania Twain style of country music. And the video features an adorable donkey.

Timber Pitbull ft Ke$ha cover via Wikipedia under Fair use.

2 thoughts on “Morning Music: Timber

  1. The beat is quite catchy.

    I always wonder, about these “I’m the most desirable one-night-stand you’ll ever have” things, who the target audience is? Because, and here I’ll defer to someone far more skilled in such matters, “the first time ain’t the greatest.” (Nelson, Prince Rogers, Warner Bros., 1985.)

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