Morning Music: Brett Domino Trio

Brett Domino

This morning we have Brett Domino Trio. They’re a kind of a YouTube band, I guess. The thing about this is that they can appear much more popular than they are. For example, they have ten-times as many views as Lisa O’Neill has on her videos. Yet I can see myself going out to see her perform and I can’t them. Then again, I’m old.

Having said that, they are entertaining and have a nice nerdy charm. They mostly do covers and maybe are better thought of as a comedy act. For example, although the song we are going to highlight is performed by three people, in general, there are only two members of the trio. (Also, the lead singer’s name is Rob J Madin, not Brett Domino.)

Interestingly, when I was in college, I put out my work alone as the Late Night Rhythm and Donut Quartet. This is a silly joke that I’ve never gotten past given my series of half-hour videos (only in script form) called “The Post-Postmodern Comedy Hour.” These are the kinds of jokes that make the teller much happier than the listener.

Insane in the Brian

Today, we are going to listen to Brett Domino Trio perform a cover of Cypress Hill’s Insane in the Brain — shockingly a song I know. What makes the cover work really well for me is exactly what makes me not all that interested in the bad generally: its deadpan disdain for the material.

The original tune has the typical pretense we find in rock and rap. And that’s fine. I like that people are willing to go all in on their art. At the same time, there’s little of that for me to really get into. I can take it only as seriously as, well, Brett Domino Trio.

None of which means they don’t kick ass with their version.

Image cropped from Brett Domino by Michael Crilly licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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