Morning Music: Blackbird

The Beatles White Album

I’m not a huge fan of the Beatles. Or rather, I’m kind of bored of the Beatles. You see, my first significant girlfriend was a huge Beatles fan. So I listened to them excessively and read about them almost as much.

Today, however, we’re going to listen to “Blackbird” off The Beatles (traditionally called “The White Album”).

I remember reading that Paul McCartney had said the song was written for the Civil Rights movement in the US. In truth, he’s said a number of things. That’s to be expected. When you work on something long enough, you will think of it in different ways.

Regardless, I don’t much care. I prefer my political songs to be more explicit. But it is a beautiful song. And it makes me think of my crows who are more black than most blackbirds. And they’re just better — no matter what Alfred Hitchcock might tell you.

The Beatles White Album by Beat 768, own work, in the Public Domain.

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