Check Out My Elvira Page on Psychotronic Review

This is just a temporary page. I’ve been watching a lot of Elvira recently. So I created a page for her. Check it out: Elvira Movies.

See you tomorrow!


I’ve added more to the article. I added a section on the television pilot she created. The video of it is there. It isn’t great, but well worth checking out.

It was 109°F today. And even as I write this at 8:00 pm, it is still 95°F. It’s hard to get any work done when it is like this. That’s especially true in my work/bed room that has two large south-facing windows. It is now exactly the same temperature as it is outside. I’m hoping that things get better by 10:00 pm.

4 thoughts on “Check Out My Elvira Page on Psychotronic Review

  1. Elvira was great. Cassandra Peterson had a real sense of humor and it showed in the character, the shows and her comic book. A friend of mine produced the Elvira comic book for Claypool for years. In the comics, she was always up against her rival Spooky Suzy. She had a great run.

    • I’ll have to check that out; “Spooky Suzy” sounds really interesting.

      I’ve watched an enormous amount of Elvira over the last week. I’m still adding to the Elvira page at Psychotronic Review. It’s now over 3,000 words long!

  2. I was a 1960’s Monster Kid, before that sort of campy TV host was much of a thing. The local TV station had a Saturday night 11pm SF/Horror slot called X Minus One which showed the usual Universal and AIP syndicated movie collections. No host though, just an intro sequence with obligatory tombstone, fog machine, and Swan Lake. There were precursors – anthology show hosts mostly more droll than camp – Boris Karloff’s Thriller, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and Rod Serling live from The Twilight Zone. Plus the very camp horror comic hosts Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie.

    “Spooky Suzy” is a dynamite character name. And Peterson, from what I’ve seen, seems like a great broad as well as a real doll.

    • These things are still around! There’s a guy on basic cable called “Svenghoolie” who wears plastic vampire teeth and provides commercial-break outros to low-budget old horror films. Some traditions cannot die, and it cheers my heart that this one is among them.

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