Why So Many People Hated Hillary Clinton

Thomas Frank - Why So Many People Hated Hillary ClintonYou want to know the biggest lesson I learned touring Trumpland? People hated Hillary Clinton — to a degree that even I, with my cynicism, did not understand.

I did not hate Hillary Clinton. I voted for her, and I agreed with Obama that she was very qualified. She deserved to be president. I didn’t think she’d be a great president, but I thought she’d be OK — certainly better than Donald Trump.

I knew how to hate Donald Trump. That’s easy. He boasts about groping women. He says these evil things about Mexicans, and mocks the handicapped. It’s unbelievable the stuff this guy did and said. Hating him was easy. What I did not understand was the degree to which people really hated Hillary Clinton. And that’s ultimately what this election was about: which one do you hate more? …

What Is It About Her?

She doesn’t say rude things. She tries so hard to not offend people. I think it’s the very things that you and I like about Hillary that were the problem: she is so professional, she is so polished, and she’s such a wonderful lawyer. She went to Yale law school, and was so brilliant, and was the best in her class. People hate this.

They hate what she represents, this kind of scolding liberalism that’s better than you. In Listen, Liberal, I talked about her goodness and her righteousness. I kind of made fun of her for it. But people hate that stuff. Hate it. And people running the Democratic campaign had no idea.

–Thomas Frank
 On the Road in Trump Country

3 thoughts on “Why So Many People Hated Hillary Clinton

  1. Obvious:

    She’s a woman, and she’s not totally submissive.

    That scares a lot of people, even these days. In a way, more than ever, since, more and more, women are obtaining real power.

    To many men, and a non-trivial amount of women, that is terrifying.

    Between that, and too many people believing whatever allegations the GOP scraped together or invented each week…

  2. Check the socially awkward and kind of goofy photos of Hilliary and Bill when dating. And move forward, Its a lifetime of milestones reached and checked off with incredible letters of recomendation to follow. Goldwater repub to anti war democrat – just different failed attempts to get the wardrobe right and the hair always wrong but always the star of the seminar. When ever i met these supposed like minded folks i was always looking over my shoulder at what it was i totally missed. All that to become the only candidate who could lose to Donald Trump.

    • She was definitely a resume candidate. And I do find it interesting that people can be so naive as to think that politics is about picking the better candidate. Certainly the Clintons should have understood that the world isn’t close to that fair. My thoughts about Hillary Clinton are… complex. Maybe some day I will get around to laying them down in bits on this blog.

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