Bubba Ho-Tep on Psychotronic Review

Bubba Ho-TepI watched Bubba Ho-Tep the other night and wrote about it over on Psychotronic Review. I’m sure I’ll write more about it later. This last time I watched it, I was most struck with how it worked as a very serious film about the way that we abandon the elderly.

Of course, the film remains quite a fun romp, but there is lots of meaning if you are inclined to see it.

Getting People to Watch It

Bubba Ho-Top has been a troublesome movie for me for many years. When I first saw it, I loved it. So I introduced it to just about everyone I met. Yet it seemed no one could even make it half way through. I think it’s all the business about cancer on Elvis’ penis. I understand the problem. But if people would just push through, they would find that they really enjoy it. That’s especially true after it becomes a buddy picture. Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis make a wonderful pair.

If you have somehow managed to miss it these last 15 years, you really should find it. It’s extraordinary.

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