Psychotronic Review’s First Blog Post

Psychotronic ReviewI fear that many of you may see this image and have the same let-down that I did as a child when I was expecting Night Gallery to come on and instead they aired The Sixth Sense. But what I write there I just would have written here.

The interesting thing about Psychotronic Review is that it isn’t a blog. It is meant to be more of an encyclopedia. While all the articles on Frankly Curious could never be compiled into a book, I suspect that those of Psychotronic Review could be — certainly if I ever manage to write as many articles as I have here.

So on Psychotronic Review each film has a page rather than a post. The different in CMS-speak is that posts are sequential — one after the other. Pages just are. So my page on A*P*E has no indication of when it was create — even relative to other articles.

Anyway, this made me wonder what I was going to use the blog for. I’ve decided that it will mostly be on theory. This first article, however, isn’t that much theory (although I couldn’t come up with a better category for it). It’s The Good and Bad of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It deals with my deeply divided thoughts on the show. On the one hand, it introduced a lot of people to psychotronic films. On the other, it seems to think they are all bad.

Go take a gander.