New on Psychotronic Review: Night Gallery

Psychotronic ReviewNew at Pychotronic Review: Night Gallery.

The set-up on Psychotronic Review is that we have pages for movies — and now television series. This works especially well for television series, because we may want to write about particular episodes. And that’s even more true with Night Gallery, because the content was so varied. I just wrote an article on a short segment called “Hell’s Bells.” In addition to this, I transferred the article that I wrote here about “They’re Tearing Down Tim Riley’s Bar.” It will be fun adding to it. I’ll undoubtedly get around to doing The Twilight Zone. But it is better appreciated and therefore less deserving of the attention from Psychotronic Review.

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  1. FYI — I tried leaving a comment at PR and it told me I needed to allow cookies /Java. I told my phone to allow cookies but still got the same message. Site looks good, though!

      • Could be me or my phone being f’ed up, too. I just got that message in an attempt to respond to our libertarian troll, then it went away after I responded to this one.

        My computer stuff is always a mess.

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