President Donald Trump’s Bad Day

President Donald TrumpEven for President Donald Trump, the past 24 hours have been tumultuous.

There was the court ruling that kept his most sweeping policy initiative (thus far) frozen. There was the ethical breach by a top aide who promoted Trump’s daughter’s products. There was a report that another top aide mischaracterized his contacts with the Russian ambassador. There was a reversal on Trump’s stated plans for Taiwan policy aimed at pleasing China. There was a report that Trump paused a call with Vladimir Putin because he didn’t know what a major nuclear arms treaty was. And there were Twitter attacks on two senators, including one Republican.


Trump’s own top-billed event of the day was a photo op in which he signed three basically toothless executive orders on crime. As German Lopez explains, all these orders do is create various “task forces” or demand plans be written to address various issues. That’s a classic politician trick to create the impression of bold action when what’s actually happening is not-so-bold punting…

–Andrew Prokop
President Trump’s Chaotic, Leaky, Feud-Filled Past 24 Hours

2 thoughts on “President Donald Trump’s Bad Day

  1. It’s been a bad day. I sympathize, you ridiculous fucking circus peanut. Or I would, if I sympathized with assholes. But I do understand a bad day. That day which goes wrong from tripping out of bed to stumbling back into it. We’ve all had them.

  2. Isn’t creating all these new task forces also creating additional expenses for the govt.? Isn’t that the opposite of what Trump promised? He’s such a fool!

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