A Muslim Ban in All But Name

A Muslim Ban In All But NameSo on the 27th, Trump started with the Muslim ban that the population knows is coming by issuing one of the stupider executive orders in his first week in office. But it wasn’t just stupid. (That would be the first one he signed.) It is cruel. It is confusing. And it references things that make no sense in the context in which it was issued. Worst, it stripped denizens of the US, who have a legal right to be here, of due process.

First, a brief overview of the power the president has over immigration and movement of people into the United States. Congress has given broad latitude for the president to determine who gets to come moseying on in to the country. Conservatives have already started squawking about 8 US Code 1182f. It was contradicted by a later law that prohibits discrimination on the grounds of place of residence. Unsurprisingly the conservatives haven’t noticed that part. Or if they have, they gloss over it.

So the president has broad powers. Which means that in theory, this type of an order could be issued. It could even make sense. After all, way back in 2011, Obama issued a short term ban of people coming into the US from Iraq. Except he didn’t since refugees don’t come in on visas and they were still allowed to slowly come in to get away from the war we started. Oh, and the president didn’t act the fool and ignore everyone who might tell him no.

Why a Muslim Ban in These Seven Countries?

This all means that there must be some reason to want to ban these seven countries, right? After all, terrorists only come from the seven countries. That is why the only attackers the US has had have been from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and… Wait! None of these countries are on the list! So the reason for banning immigrants from these seven country can’t be because there is or has been a huge uptick in threats against the United States.

It must be because they are in a state of war! After all, it says in the order, “Deteriorating conditions in certain countries due to war, strife, disaster, and civil unrest increase the likelihood that terrorists will use any means possible to enter the United States.” Except Iran isn’t in a state of war. Neither is — What a surprise! — Somalia. Somalia does have a problem with a persistent terrorist group but overall it has been stabilized and continues to improve.

The other countries are in states of war but the order doesn’t explain why they would all immediately schlepp over to the US to blow up buildings, shoot up population centers (that’s the white man’s job), or do other things that will harm Americans. After all, if they want to harm others, they can do so at home.

We Won’t Deal With Anyone Not Just Like Us

Then the order talks about this: “The United States cannot, and should not, admit those who do not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law.” What?! Why would you demand people who come here to gawk at the Grand Canyon, the mess that is Cleveland, and put on Mouse Ears in California or Florida have to say they agree with the US Constitution? Our Constitution is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it demands they be disloyal to the constitutions of their own countries. This is the first time that visitors have to support American law over your own homegrown law that might be less violent, since they don’t involve the death penalty.

But that is just the start. The rest of it is the actual orders that the Homeland and State Secretaries have to implement. All of which I think is an insult to the hardworking employees who are on the ground who have been trained to carefully and thoroughly vet candidates for the refugee and other systems. This idea that government employees tasked with making sure Americans stay safe are incompetent is a bizarre fantasy of the right, which includes the very people who actually work in those positions!

Why This? Why Now?

It cuts the number of refugees from the 85,000 – 100,000 to 50,000. No reason given, just a drop. And it prioritizes those of a “persecuted faith” (Christian, not Jewish is the obvious context here). This is getting very close if not over the line (based on public statements of the current White House occupant) of establishing a state religion.

Those are just some of the problems with the order itself. It was poorly drafted, cruel, and violates the spirit of the law. And based on the way it’s implemented, stripped people of rights who are entitled based on the Constitution’s view of due process.

I am, of course, not the only person to notice this order’s many many problems.

Possibly, next time I can go over the massive problems this will cause us worldwide since these actions don’t take place in a vacuum. But there will be another outrage tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “A Muslim Ban in All But Name

  1. The circus peanut has insulted the PM of Australia over this, and that won’t be the last. I wonder if any of them will simply stop taking his calls. “Minister Merkel? Trump’s calling again.” “Tell him I’m in a meeting with the President of Doingbloofistan. He’ll think it’s a real country, trust me.”

    Trump reminds me of my last landlord, who enjoyed insulting poor residents and hitting on the cutest ones. Well, turding on tenants is one thing. Turding on other landlords is quite another. Trump’s expecting every leader in the world to pretend subservience to him, like his creepy-ass children. They will not — except the ones like Putin who are playing with him like a cat plays with a mouse.

    My favorite coworker at my old job was a Somali refugee. Happily, her family is mostly here now, and (for the moment) safe. I certainly hope they gain citizenship by 2020, so they can vote against this fucknugget.

  2. While the ban is atrocious, I do think that we have to recognize Somalia as being in a state of war – more so than Sudan, for instance. Your paper is from 2006, so not really up to date. There are 2 regions that have declared independence, but aren’t internationally recognized – Somaliland and Puntland; a week ago dozens of Kenyan troops were killed by an al Shabab attack; 28 people were killed in a hotel bombing/gun attack in Mogadishu, and al Shabab is still a dominant presence in the rural areas of the southern half of the country: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-15336689 .

    Plus they’re about to have another famine, and getting relief to where it’s needed is going to be a nightmare again: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2017/feb/03/somalia-famine-fears-un-call-immediate-massive-reaction . A quarter of a million died in the 2011 famine.

    This means, to me, that refugees from there need to be accepted more urgently, not less.

    • Thanks for the links; good info.

      It’s madness. We are better suited to taking in refugees than almost any other country on Earth. We’ve got the giant intelligence network to check their background. We’ve got enough space, and refugees are usually among the hardest workers, so they create more jobs than they fill. We’re also a less homogeneous society than most European countries, so it’s a bit less of a culture shock. And yet we take in fewer refugees than Europe does, because people are terrified of seeing a headscarf in Aisle 5 of the Wal-Mart. It’s a disgrace and national shame.

  3. In terms of how illogical the choice of countries is, even within the twisted attitude represented by this ‘Order’, I think it is likely the Dumper just dreamed up seven counties that strike him as really bad ‘raghead’ farms and thusly chose them. Clearly even one second of thought would have led the Nazi to consider Saudi Arabia, etc. But one second is a long time.

    • It’s odd, isn’t it. One of the main things Mohammed wanted to do was stop people profiteering off the holy pilgrimage site of Mecca. Which he did. And now the (arguably) most corrupt regime on Earth is making straight bank of same holy site. (Also the oil, but even if that ran out, they’d still have the top tourist draw on Earth.)

      But this is how it always happens, isn’t it? Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the Temple. Martin Luther railed against the greed and political intrigue of the Church. Well, the moneychangers and Protestant leaders are quite good friends these days. Thick as thieves, one could say.

      I wish we could put refugees in every district that voted for Trump. H.L. Mencken, no friend of the Jews (or anyone, really) thought it an abomination that we turned away Jews fleeing Hitler. We’ve got ample room for them in places like Texas, he wrote, and they would improve the average regional intelligence.

      Rude of him to say so, and rude for me to repeat it, but I’m so mad right now I could spit flame. These monsters in office think their time Is Now, they can make all their dreams come true at last, so long as they keep throwing out red meat to the fearful. Good luck with that — because as you or I know well, history is not short on examples of what happens when ideologies decide they can rule with impunity.

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