Morning Music: Françoise Hardy

Françoise HardySince I watched Moonrise Kingdom recently, I thought it might be interesting to listen to a little Françoise Hardy. She doesn’t especially have a style. She sings a lot of different styles. It might be best to consider her a chanteuse. She is able to make me long for being in love. And sad. (More or less the same thing.)

But her early work is that classic French pop sound that I never seem to tire of. (Or that I just still like because it hasn’t been playing on the radio my whole life like the British Invasion.) A lot of Françoise Hardy’s albums are named, Françoise Hardy. She released albums of that name in 1962, 1963, 1963 (that’s right), 1965, and 1968. Today, we are interested in the 1968, Françoise Hardy. As is typical of these Morning Music posts, I’m limited to the videos I can find. But it really is a great one. It is “Comment Te Dire Adieu?” (“How to Say Goodbye?”) It is Serge Gainsbourg‘s lyrics for Goland and Gold’s It Hurts to Say Goodbye.

12 thoughts on “Morning Music: Françoise Hardy

  1. From circa 2003, this little earwig of a number is highly produced with the sex turned up to 11, but to me it seems charming where the equivalent from say Britney Spears is merely crass. Something about a goldfish in a bathtub. Anyway, the whole thing is very French.

    And maybe you’ve never caught this one – it isn’t French, but Fran Jeffries’ memorable routine in “The Pink Panther” (1963) is the essence of early 60’s continental cool.

    (they’ve chopped the sides off the original widescreen image, damn it)

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