A Complete Guide to Capitalism from Identity Thief

Identity Thief - DispensableI know you have rules. Like never back-date a 5590 or don’t stamp a 33B transfer without telling a client first. I’ll bet you do that one twice a month. Don’t you?

I have you at a disadvantage. You don’t know me, but I know you, Ken. I know that you make $49,395 a year. I know that you work very hard for that wife and child right there. I know that you’re real good at your job, that you take care of this company, and you do things that they’ll never know about — that they’ll never appreciate — so you’re very proud. Right?

But you’re scared. You’re scared because you’re dispensable. You’re scared because you know that, more than likely, one day you’re going to be replaced by somebody younger, somebody cheaper. Maybe even by an app.

–Sandy Patterson
Dialog from Identity Thief

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