Halloween Movies That Will Make You Feel Undead

Halloween MoviesGood morning everyone! It seems I have gotten back my evil will to live — others call it their “groove.” And just in time because it is the best holiday of the year: Halloween! And I thought I would share with you a few wonderful clips from my favorite Halloween movies.

The Bride of Frankenstein

Okay: I have to make a disclosure. My favorite Halloween movies really aren’t scary. When I was eight years old, I stayed up late with my older sister to watch Creature Features. They were showing The Bride of Frankenstein. And I was so afraid, that I vomited. Now, of course, I find it one of the most charming films ever made. The monster is not frightening. If you treat him well, he’ll be nice to you. He just wants to be loved!

There is so much to love in the film. But the ending really does sum everything up, “Friend? Friend?” Not that he can’t be riled, as he is soon enough.

The House on Haunted Hill

This one is pure fun. But again, when I was kid, I was very frightened by it. The following video is of the entire The House on Haunted Hill. But I have it set at the very ending because it is so ridiculous. When Vincent Price appears out of the shadows with his preposterous contraption for controlling the skeleton, lesser minds think, “That’s stupid!” But the evolved know that it makes perfect sense that a man would have a small pool of acid and a skeleton marionette. Right?!

The Last Man on Earth

Before Night of the Living Dead there was The Last Man on Earth. In fact, George Romero has said that he was inspired by the film (and the book by Richard Matheson). When I was very young (six or seven), it seemed that The Last Man on Earth was always being played on Creature Features. Now I’ll admit: it isn’t as good a film in terms of narrative. But it terrified me as a child. “Morgan, come out!”

What’s remarkable is just how beautifully the film is shot. I recommend watching it just as an exercise in the craft of filmmaking. The whole film is there.

Bride of the Monster

Okay, Bride of the Monster is a hard film to watch all the way through. People say that Ed Wood was a terrible director. He wasn’t. But he didn’t worry too much about the scripts that he wrote. Most people don’t know this, but Wood published over 80 novels in his life. He was a writing machine — apparently because quality wasn’t that important to him. But he was capable of great work. And that is well on display in this star scene with Bela Lugosi.

Best of the Halloween Movies: A Comedy of Terrors

Of course, I’ve never been a big Lugosi fan. I love Boris Karloff. And we’ve already had one of his films. Also: two with Vincent Price. And one film written by one of the greats, Richard Matheson. So why don’t we throw in Peter Lorre and Basil Rathbone and enjoy a whole film, A Comedy of Terrors. It is not at all frightening. It probably wouldn’t even have been to 8-year-old Frank. But it’s wonderful:

Have a wonderful holiday all of you! Use it as an excuse to enjoy some great old Halloween movies. Let’s finish with a song:

10 thoughts on “Halloween Movies That Will Make You Feel Undead

  1. Bar none (improper use?), our family spooky favorite is Lady In White. Now, is has some minor technical errors, but the story starts on Hallows Eve and rides a fine line between all-round family flick and too edgy. Hmm. there is also a reason it is not very popular with hardcore southerners.
    It rates a cozy 6.7 on IMDB and is blessed with a FRESH rating on Rotten Tomatoes (potatoes, thanks Dan…hey, like Dan i grew up with a 1952 military issue dictionary, so i spelled color colour).
    Yep, we watched it, again, last night. Maybe my 5th or 6th time.The father figure IS NOT the dad from Wonder Years, but feels like it…and the older brother (read bother) is the way Theodore Cleaver’s brother would have been, in real life.
    This was directed by the author and screen play writer. If i could drop him a line, I would tell him how fond of this work I am.
    Flawless? No………..but one of those films you never heard of which is better than many (most?) you have.

      • Scary? Its not really something to cause you to jump… it’s been so long since my first viewing of it, its kinda hard to say. All three kids verbally objected when I put it on this year…. they could not say why or what they disliked, but that they didn’t want me to put it on. Yes, likely because they consider it scary, but that is partly because its an acquired taste … and because of their religious upbringing. I know the in-laws would not approve. When it was over, they admitted to liking it much more than they expected/remembered, as it had been 2-3 years. So, yes, to a sheltered 7 or 8 year old it could seem scary. Its a mood piece.

      • I love it. I first saw it as a young kid, 7 y/o im pretty sure, and it scared the hell out of me. It made such an impression that I remembered it my whole life and finally found it again during my senior year of high school. When I rewatched it, I wasn’t terrified like the first time, but it was clear to me that it was NOT a movie for children despite having a child protagonist. Definitely still creepy and dark even for adults.

        This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone else mention it, so I had to comment. It’s on my google drive now, so I could share the link if someone wants it.

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