A Tale of Two Protests in a Racist Country

Dakota Access Pipeline ProtestIs there anything that shows the bias and prejudice in our current criminal justice system than, on the same day, seeing the acquittal of an all-white group of men who illegally took over a federal facility and actively encouraged the potential use of violence while peaceful protesters who are defending sacred Indian land that is theirs by treaty get shot and arrested in order to allow big business to build a pipeline through their land?

The Bundy group was treated with kid-gloves and were eventually arrested peaceably. It was a remarkable show of restraint by law enforcement that worked out in the end. But, because it did end so peaceably, it perhaps made it easier to acquit them. Those peacefully protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline have been met with a declaration of a state of emergency by the governor that mobilized the National Guard, allowed the use of outside police forces, and the deployment of militarized police vehicles. This is a stark contrast to the treatment of the Bundy group that occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters.

Two Faces Of American Justice — Bundy Acquittal And Dakota Pipeline Protests

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