What Did Not Happen at Last Night’s Debate

Clinton - Trump - Did Not HappenAt the third 2016 presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday night, a few things did not happen.

Hillary Clinton did not fall into a coma.

She did not swear or use a racial epithet, and she did not commit a violent crime.

Her command of policy detail and the way our system of government works did not fail her, and she did not thus reveal herself to be a robot (in which case she’d run the risk of short circuiting on the job) or a victim of sporadic dementia.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, didn’t transform into the second coming of Franklin Roosevelt. He didn’t cop to a late-in-life diagnosis of attention deficit disorder that had impaired his ability to retain and process information over the course of his entire adult life, but which has now been medically remedied. His presentation yielded no heretofore uncovered evidence that Clinton murdered anyone or has a drug problem.

Only a debate development of comical magnitude could have reversed the public’s impressions of these candidates. No such development transpired, and no such development was ever likely to transpire.

This race is over. It has been for some time.

—Brian Beutler
The 2016 Race Is Over

11 thoughts on “What Did Not Happen at Last Night’s Debate

    • And rightly so! FiveThirtyEight now gives Trump about a 15 percent chance of winning. I think that’s about right. And that’s still terrifying. But I think Beutler has another idea in mind. His article before that one was about how House Democrats should think about the possibility of taking control. It’s easier to focus down-ballot now. But nothing is certain.

      • More like ” good thing someone can crack wise about this crap, otherwise I”d just be tearing out hair and pounding the wall. And you don’t actually have to be very smart to see the obvious — which says something about the number of people who apparently are blind to it. Exercise for the reader.

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