Absurd Notions About Illegal Votes: Math Edition

Charles PierceNevertheless, according to the latest Marquette poll, 44 percent of the respondents believe that at least as many illegal votes are cast as legal votes. In 2014, for example, 2.9 million votes were cast in Wisconsin’s congressional elections. You do the math. If the 44 percent of the respondents in the Marquette poll are right, then there were well over a million votes cast illegally in that election. This is, to put it mildly, so insanely detached from reality as to make you wonder whether or not alma mater’s pollsters oversampled schizophrenics and people who see the face of Jesus in their wallpaper.

I honestly don’t believe that many people are that crazy, but I do think that many people can be led to believe things that are not true as long as someone keeps telling them those things, over and over again. Like I said, you have to respect how well the propaganda has worked. It’s another triumph for all the wrong things.

—Charlie Pierce
Propaganda Works

4 thoughts on “Absurd Notions About Illegal Votes: Math Edition

  1. Minor slip here. The poll results weren’t if voters thought there were as many illegal votes as legitimate ones; the question was are there more illegal votes cast, or more legal voters denied because of voter restriction laws? The point of the post still stands, though, as illegal voting doesn’t exist.

    • Oh, you are right! Charlie turned that around in his article. But it was funny.

      However, the truth is that we know there is basically no in-person voter fraud and that these laws stop a great many people to vote. But I didn’t post the quote to make that point, obviously.

      • It was funny. I’ve been reading him lately. His stuff on the Wells Fargo hearings is gold. I’m sure someone pointed out the slip to him on Twitter or wherever. His post still stands, and the slip actually makes the truth worse. If people thought millions were cheating, they’d be badly misinformed. If they know voter restrictions harm legitimate voters and basically don’t care, it’s straight up racism.

        • It is certainly a lot of that. But I do agree with the guy who I write about tomorrow that there is this “moral majority” delusion that conservatives have. They really think that if everyone voted, of course the nation would be the way they think it should be. And in a sense, they are right. Because they only think about their own side. If all white people voted, the country would be more conservative. But if all people voted, it would be more liberal. All you have to do is look at midterm elections to see that.

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