All That Jazz and Death

All That JazzThank you! Thank you! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Folks! What can I tell you about my next guest? This cat allowed himself to be adored, but not loved. And his success in show business was matched by failure in his personal relationship bag. Now, that’s where he really bombed. And he came to believe that work, show business, love, his whole life, even himself and all that jazz, was bullshit. He became numero uno game player — to the point where he didn’t know where the games ended, and the reality began. Like, for this cat, the only reality — is death, man.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me lay on you a so-so entertainer, not much of a humanitarian, and this cat was never nobody’s friend. In his final appearance on the great stage of life — Uh, you can applaud if you want to. — Mr Joe Gideon!

—O’Connor Flood
In All That Jazz

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