Digby on Clinton’s VP Pick: Tim Kaine

Digby on Tim Kaine for VPTim Kaine has a somewhat centrist history on banking and trade which is worrisome to progressives for whom these issues are their litmus tests. So, in these particulars, Kaine isn’t a particularly progressive choice.

But he’s very good on war, civil liberties, gun proliferation, criminal justice, healthcare, civil rights, and immigration among other things. The fact that he speaks perfect Spanish, which he learned serving in Honduras, is meaningful to Latinos.

Clinton is trying to run as an experienced, competent, rational, decent mainstream leader of a team of experienced, competent, rational, decent mainstream public servant in contrast to Donald Trump: the con artist who wants to blow up the world. I don’t know that policy is even the point, but to the extent it is, they are running under the most progressive platform in history (thank you Bernie), which just shows how far the coalition has come since the day Al Gore chose Joe Lieberman, one of the most depressing days of my life.

—Heather Digby Parton
So, Tim Kaine

2 thoughts on “Digby on Clinton’s VP Pick: Tim Kaine

  1. I thought she picked someone boring and in some areas he is. But he is a solid campaigner and he has surprised people before. He has an inter-sectional history and he did take on the NRA which Clinton cares deeply about.

    So I am satisfied with the pick and someone pointed out that Perez can now be appointed to the SCOTUS. heh
    heh heh…

    • I don’t think VP picks much matter — except in that they might indicate how a candidate might govern. But at this point I’m too terrified at the thought of a Trump presidency to complain about anything.

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