It Wasn’t the EU; It Was the Conservative Government That Screwed the UK

Dean BakerThe UK, by its own volition, has been the route of austerity… They voted for it themselves. You know, similar outcomes, not as bad as you`ve seen across the eurozone [eg, Greece, Spain], still their economy`s not been great. Most people have very little to show over the last eight years, nine years. You`ve had cuts in public services. National Health Service has been a big issue. People are talking about older people. Older people need health care.

By a lot of accounts, the National Health Service has deteriorated because of budget cuts. Hasn`t been forced by Brussels but nonetheless, people may not realize that. You know, the Brexit people are blaming that on immigrants. It wasn`t an immigrant story. The fact is people they voted for
chose to make those cuts. They should have realized that but they didn`t… they blamed Brussels.

—Dean Baker
On All In With Chris Hayes

7 thoughts on “It Wasn’t the EU; It Was the Conservative Government That Screwed the UK

  1. So conservatives cut the NHS, blame immigrants for the result, and then use that scapegoating to exit the EU, which they wanted to do anyway? Nice racket.

    • Not all UK Conservatives wanted to leave the EU (only the hard right). Conservative UK PM David Cameron considered it such a failure that he had to leave and some xenophobic demagogues even pretended that with “money going to the EU” you could restore the NHS.

      • And let’s be clear, this wasn’t a strictly left-right thing regardless. Real leftists in the UK do not like the idea that if they get power, they will end up like Francois Hollande (not that he’s tried that hard). So, for example, Jeremy Corbyn was against Brexit, but not without some concern.

        Do you live in the UK? Do you know what the hell is going on with Labour? Much of the establishment really seems to prefer a conservative government over a Labour government with Corbyn in charge. It’s interesting that Labour voters don’t seem so inclined.

        • I don’t live in the UK, but it doesn’t surprise me that many prefer a Conservative PM to Corbyn. The Economist seems to be doling out daily Two Minutes Hate against Corbyn and a lot of soft left Very Serious People absolutely loathe the left social democrat.

          • I think it really comes down to “The People’s Front of Judea”: where there are bigger animosities inside the group. There’s also that Jonathan Chait thing where he defines the most left that it is “reasonable” to be; thus he usually goes off with as much fire on people slightly to the left of him as he does people on the extreme right. But I’m not surprised at all about The Economist. For all its seeming reasonable here, it is basically a libertarian (“classical liberal”) rag.

            I don’t totally agree with Corbyn (although I do largely). But after so much conservative and neoliberal policy has failed so badly, you would think that some good old fashioned socialism was at least worth a try.

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