Burt Kwouk RIP

Burt KwoukI just found out that Burt Kwouk died yesterday. He was the kind of actor that you saw everywhere, but he will always be remembered for the part of Cato Fong, Inspector Jacques Clouseau servant who attacked him all the time in The Pink Panther film series. This was supposed to be part of Clouseau’s continued training. But it is quite absurd. In The Pink Panther Strikes Again, the two of them totally destroy Clouseau’s apartment. (Not that it matters, given that it is blown up shortly afterward.)

The following scene is entirely typical. Cato surprises Clouseau, they fight, and after the fight is over, Clouseau attacks Cato in the most unsportsmanlike way imaginable. It’s very silly stuff. But I love it. And when I was a kid, Cato was the only character I really felt a kinship to.

But Burt Kwouk was much more Cato Fong. The IMDb has him listed in 144 films and television shows. And this gives him but one credit for the 78 episodes of Last of the Summer Wine that he appeared in. No cause of death has been announced. He was 85.

I think I will call it a night and watch one of the Pink Panther movies. I only recently got The Pink Panther Collection with the first five films.

2 thoughts on “Burt Kwouk RIP

  1. The TV exploding is excellent . . .

    Basically half the reason I peer at new TV shows now is to see familiar faces getting steady work. I root for these troupers. Go Kwouk go!

    • I watched A Shot in the Dark last night and Clouseau is just awful to Cato. But it’s made up for by the fact that you know Cato can kick Clouseau’s butt in a fair fight. The fact that a cop is so unethical is perfect.

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