Morning Music: Mason Jennings and Kevin Kling

Mason JenningsI like to end these weeks with a live performance. But I find that there really isn’t anything for Mason Jennings. There is, however, this astounding performance that he did with storyteller Kevin Kling. Kling really is amazing. I suspect I’ve heard him before. He’s really quite amazing. And the two of them make a great team.

I don’t have much to say. This is the kind of entertainment that I enjoy. I would pay to go and see these guys. Most live entertainment bugs me. I’ve watched as theater has gotten bigger and bigger and more and more like film. But my favorite things when I was a kid were things like Will Rogers’ USA and Mark Twain Tonight — one man shows. I find it far easier to get absorbed in someone telling me a story than I do in having the story rendered to me. And in movies, most of the time so much is going on you can’t catch it all anyway.

This is nice because it presents a great storyteller and a great songwriter. When I’m at a rock concert, I’m almost always overwhelmed with how fake it is. The pretense overwhelms everything else. I guess I’m supposed to think that the performers are cool and so I am too because I can see it. But what I feel is alone — like I’m surrounded by lost and confused people who are pretending to have a good time. I know that says much about me and nothing about them. I have no real idea what they are thinking and feeling. But that’s how the experience feels to me.

On the other hand, this concert with Mason Jennings and Kevin Kling is something that I connect with. It speaks to my life and I find moments of truth in it. I highly recommend watching it all.

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