Morning Music: Mason Jennings

Mason JenningsThis week I guess we are going to do Mason Jennings, because James Fillmore suggested him and James has good taste. I’d never heard of Jennings and I really don’t know much about him. But his first album was, Mason Jennings. It’s quite an eclectic album. But what it most reminds me of is Violent Femmes — but with more range and more heart. Someone put together a playlist of the whole album. But you know: support independent music: buy the album.

The most impressive song on the album is “Godless.” It asks the question, “Would you kill the man who raped your wife?” But it’s deeper than that, because it also asks, without doing so explicitly, “Wouldn’t that make you just like the man who raped your wife?” Or maybe it means something else entirely. I can’t say. It isn’t clear. But it does seem to be about a man who is on the run for an act of vengeance.

The whole album is what every artist should aim for in their first outing. I want to know what’s next for this talented young man. But people back in 1997 had to wait for three years to find out. I only have to wait until tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Morning Music: Mason Jennings

  1. Glad you enjoyed. I can’t quite recall the order the albums came out but I do remember liking all the early ones. The later albums I haven’t listened to as closely; could be them or just me (my time spent on new music has dwindled the last few years.) I did recently listen to his live record and enjoyed it.

    • I remember when I was young, just sitting in a room listening to music. Now I never do that. There’s always too much to do. We’d all be better off if we died at 18.

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