Morning Music: One More Minute

Dare to Be Stupid - One More MinuteWhen I was looking for an image to start this Weird Al Yankovic week, I was struck by something: Yankovic is a fairly attractive guy. Yet he goes out of his way to look like a goon. If early on he had gotten a proper haircut and never, ever grew a mustache, he would have been a mainstay on the cover of Tiger Beat. But I think he likes looking like a goon. And it works perfectly on today’s song, “One More Minute.”

I normally find Weird Al’s work clever. I don’t normally find it outright funny. But “One More Minute” had me laughing throughout. It is a doo-wop song with Jankovic doing his best Elvis in the low register parts of the melody. But rather than being an “I’m in love!” song or “I’m so sad you left me!” song, it is a bitter “Good riddance!” song. Basically, it is a long list of terrible things he would rather do than spend one more minute with her.

The best line in it is probably, “Honey, let me help you with that suitcase.” It kind of reminds me of Jerry Chesnut’s song Good Year for the Roses. In it, the singer is watching his wife pack, and he wants to say something, but all that comes is small talk. But not for our hero in this song. Check it out:

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  1. I’d never heard the original version of “Roses” before, just the Elvis one. Elvis really does make that song his own, the same way you describe early Talking Heads adopting outside influences without being taco sauce.

    I think I read somewhere that Weird Al actually wrote this song about a breakup. I wonder if any of his originals have been hits, or just the parodies.

    So he’s done lots of straight covers . . . but as polkas. I didn’t know this was an ongoing thing. But I do remember one from an album I owned as a teenager:

    • I think Almost Blue is one of his best albums. He is a great interpreter of other people’s work. You’re right about “Roses.”

      I end the week with a live show. It’s impressive.

  2. From what I understood, Yankovic kept his looks that way to fit with his persona of a “Weird” guy that he was stuck with in high school and has used to create a career out off.

    Then he wanted to get married so he shaved off the mustache, combed his hair and got rid of the glasses.

    And I believe that “One More Minute” was based on a real break-up. You artists always do this; use your art to express your feelings. Which is easier than having to deal with the break ups in court, I can say.

    • I understand that it’s part of the show. Looking odd goes with the kind of music that he does. Listening to him in concert (today), you can see that he could do any kind of music that he wanted to. He’s a very talented guy. That’s for your help!

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