Morning Music: I’m Going Home

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Science Fiction Double FeatureWill was a bit miffed at me for saying that “Science Fiction Double Feature” was the best song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And we discussed “I’m Going Home.” And for a weak moment, I even said that as a song — without thought for content — it was probably a better song.

But is that true? It’s hard to say. The truth is that Tim Curry has such an amazing voice that he makes even mediocre songs sound great. And I’m afraid that’s really what’s going on in “I’m Going Home.” The truth is that the song seems unfinished. It wants to take off but it has no where to go. It has the feel of a Jim Steinman song. But Steinman is a much better writer than O’Brien is. So instead of the epic that “I’m Going Home” should be, it is a two minute ditty. He went away but found life off the farm to be unsatisfying and so is happy to be going home.

The song desperately needs a bridge. Obviously it needs it from a musical standpoint. As it is, the song doesn’t even go on long enough to transpose up a whole step and give it that big finish. But it also needs a bridge thematically. Traditionally, a bridge provides a song with a different angle on the subject. And certainly Frank N Furter has one! Yes, the great big world was a disappointment. But did it not also have its thrills? Didn’t he learn anything about life from his murder of Eddie? Didn’t he have it all once? It is supposed to be the show stopping number of the third act. But it just peters out.

But still, we have Tim Curry giving far more than the song deserves. But you know what they say: cards for sorrow; cards for pain (not that anyone knows what the hell it means).

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