Sick Day

Frank MoraesHello all my fine and faithful readers. I just got back into town from a business trip. And as seems to happen more often than not, I’ve gotten very sick. This has resulted in my not having an article up at 4:05 this afternoon. And I’ve decided to take all of tomorrow off as well.

I do plan to get to comments tomorrow. I’m going to go back to bed now. Then we’ll start all this back up on Sunday. I’m sure I will have much to say on the issues of the day — or at least what a badly designed machine the human body is. Biblical literalists often claim that we couldn’t have been created randomly (this is not actually how evolution works, but leave that for now). I’m thinking random chance explains quite a lot about life.

Talk to you soon!

11 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. It is a vastly unintelligent design. There is Jesus Christ — creator of mornings snuggling in bed, humility, pretty sharks, and waterfalls. Then there is Cletus Jist. That boy weren’t quite right, yet God, being a loving Father, gave Cletus some shit ta do. And Cletus done fuuuucked it up. Nepotism sucks.

    • I think about the same hole for breathing and eating. Too complicated. And the brain: what a mess. Temperature regulation really ought to be easy. Not too fond of the finger and toe nails either. I could go on for several days.

    • It wasn’t a decision. I just fond it really hard to move. I really had wanted to get that 4:05 post up. But tomorrow’s done. But the next days are going to be bumpy because I have all this new work. People don’t believe me when I tell them I’m not a manager.

      • Doesn’t your boss read this blog? She should know she is piling too much work on you. Or is this one of those “the reward for work well done is yet more work” situations?

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