Anniversary Post: Kyoto Protocol and the End of Global Warming

Kyoto ProtocolOn this day in 2005, the Kyoto Protocol went into effect. And global warming was solved!

That image there on the left shows buy into the treaty. It was basically Europe. Of the advanced economies, the one really standout there is the United States — land of blind, home of the selfish.

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference was far more successful than the Kyoto Protocol because each country set its own targets. Here’s the interesting thing about all this: those countries that address climate change are going to find themselves rewarded economically. It’s funny to listen to the Republican wonderboy Marco Rubio talking about how he’s the future, when he is more stuck in the past than my 83 year old father.

But it looked like the Supreme Court was set to mess up even this recent agreement in Paris. And then Antonin Scalia went and did the best thing he ever did for the world: he died. You see, the current attack on Obama’s executive actions are in the DC Circuit Court. It has a majority of Democrat appointed judges. That means it will likely find for the administration. (Don’t ever let anyone tell you the courts aren’t political!) And that means that if it goes to the Supreme Court, it will get at most four votes against — a tie. And so the circuit court finding will hold. Thank you so much Justice Scalia!

Who Needs the Kyoto Protocol or the Paris Agreement?!

Of course, we are approximately 20 years too late to be doing the little that we are now doing. We are now just over half way through February here in California. Normal rainfall for this month is almost six inches. We’ve only gotten a tenth of an inch this month. And this was supposed to be the big El Niño year. I’m in a constant state of outrage over this. But what are you going to do? There is the fate of civilization and maybe even the species on the one hand. And then there are the short-term profits of already really rich people on the other. I supposed we don’t have to come down on the side of the rich. It’s just our habit.

So the Kyoto Protocol and all other efforts to do something about global warming be damned.

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    • Yes. We still have a few problems on Mars like its lack to a strong magnetic field. But the rocket would be a great works project anyway.

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