Anniverary Post: Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

Space Shuttle Columbia Crew - Sadly All DeadOn this day in 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster occurred. During the mission (STS-107), a small bit of foam had broken off and damaged the left wing. On re-entry, the wings broke off, causing the entire shuttle to break apart — killing all seven astronauts.

Funny thing, when I was a teen, I read, The World According to Garp. Garp was not exactly a character I connected with except in the sense that he was a writer and I kind of liked to write at that point in my life. But time goes on and Garp gets married and has children.

What does this have to do with the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster? I’m getting to it!

At one point, John Irving writes that if there was one thing that Garp cared about, it was keeping people safe. It seemed odd to me on two accounts. It didn’t seem to go along with the character that Irving had developed. And I really didn’t know what he was talking about.

As I got older, I understood. I worry about everyone. I don’t even have kids, but I worry. And this really is why I’m not so keen on the manned space program. I understand: these are pioneers. We’ve got to do this if we are going to make progress. But I’m still not over George Clooney dying in Gravity. And let’s face it, Sandra Bullock wouldn’t have survived either.

But I have great respect for brave people that push the limits of our existence. But they worry me. Constantly. And I hope they know that!

6 thoughts on “Anniverary Post: Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

  1. I am never letting you see how I drive. You will have nine thousand heart attacks as you think of me driving home.

    I don’t remember the Challenger disaster even though I am almost positive we watched it live. I do remember walking into my house and hearing my roommate say “the Columbia just blew up.” And going “what?” He was so deadpan about it I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. The news was heartbreaking. I am just glad the report indicates they would not have had any idea what happened to them.

    • Yes, just like in Dean Spanley: one moment you are there and the next you are not.

      Andrea is also a crazy driver. She has this very competitive side that one doesn’t normally see. I don’t like cars.

      • So that means you do the driving when going somewhere with her?
        And I think her and I have the same view when it comes to driving. I get it from my dad though. If not for a few things, I probably would have been a race car driver.

        • Nope. I hate driving. I would rather risk my life than drive. Although the last time we were in a car together (a very long time), I was driving.

          • Which is why your posts the day after you drive somewhere are so surly since I am guessing no one says “here, sit in the back seat and read all of these books.”

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