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Serial Killer CalendarAs regular readers know, I have a greater than average interest in serial killers. It isn’t so much the killing. I just find psychopaths really fascinating. And recently, I wrote an anniversary post about Dennis Rader. He’s a classic psychopath. In a sense, I feel sorry for the guy. As a psychopath, he’s certainly missed out on what I consider are the greatest joys of being a human. I compared him to a grizzly bear, but that’s unfair. I don’t think grizzly bears kill just for the thrill of it. But who knows? Maybe I’m the one who’s missing out with all my meekness (others would call it cowardice).

Anyway, I got a comment on that post from a guy named James Gilks who, among other things, runs a website called Serial Killer Calendar. It’s kind of your one stop site for all things serial killer. The primary purpose of the website is to sell Serial Killer Magazine and other assorted books and DVDs. But the website is also filled with tons of information. Of course, that doesn’t make it unique. There are a lot of websites that specialize in serial killers. But none of them do it with the great style that Serial Killer Calendar does.

The site has the requisite serial killer biographies. But the serial killers are subdivided into categories. For example, if you want to spend all weekend reading about female serial killers from all over the world, Serial Killer Calendar makes it very easy for you. Or if you were wondering just what serial killers Belarus has to offer, look no further! (Actually, Belarus has only one serial killer listed, but he’s an impressive one.) There are also movie reviews and articles on various related topics like, Serial Killer Good Deeds and How to Survive a Serial Killer. The latter article includes a list of things that might indicate if someone is a serial killer. It might be good information to know, but it might also cause you to suspect some of your friends.

Serial Killer Trading CardsYou might remember the scene in the film Addams Family Values, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Joel are sitting behind the bleachers going over Joel’s serial killer trading cards. I have no idea if these things have always been available, but Serial Killer Calendar offers three different sets. The focus is on the illustrations, which are done in a variety of styles by a large number of artists. Each set contains duplicate serial killers. But really: how could you limit John Wayne Gacy to a single card? Each one of the cards shows him in a different light: all the way from from pure menacing clown to dumpy middle-aged man. I’ve posted the best from the first set on the right.

There are things to be aware of regarding the site. It’s header changes images very rapidly. I’d prefer they change slower, but I suspect a lot of people will like it. It’s like being in Serial Killer Las Vegas. And obviously, if you find the concept of serial killers disturbing, you should stay away from Serial Killer Calendar. The site is also a bit difficult to navigate. But this is a sign of what is absolutely the best thing about the site: it’s activity.

The worst thing on any site is digital death. Serial Killer Calendar is a vibrant site. It’s interesting to check it out on to see just how much it has changed over the years and even over the last month. So you know there will always be new, probably creepy, content for your reading and viewing pleasure. In my day job, I spend a lot of time looking at different websites, but Serial Killer Calendar is one of the most interesting that I’ve seen in the last year. And I’ll bet you know someone who would enjoy a pack of serial killer trading cards!

12 thoughts on “Serial Killer Calendar Website Review

  1. I looked at the cost of the cards and yeah, while I think you are the sole person I know who might want them…I cannot believe they cost that much. O.O

    But I do agree, serial killers are fascinating until you actually know one then you are just like “I knew that guy was creepy!” And he was very very creepy.

    • That’s less than a dollar a card! But yeah, a bit out of my price range. But I think they would make awesome gifts for the right person.

      Did you personally know a serial killer? I mean, besides me. (I would point out that I’m not a serial killer, but isn’t that just what a serial killer would say? I will say, however, that I no longer kill ants because I’m afraid that the speed at which they live means crushing them with my fingers is an excruciatingly long process. But I’m sure there are serial killers who would never hurt an ant, so that doesn’t get me off the hook.)

      • Let me recheck the definition…

        Yep, I knew this guy. He was part of a singles group my sister created on Facebook and I met him at several parties and events we had. The last one was a bingo night right before he was arrested.

        The thing I remember the most about him is how grimy he was. He always struck me as someone who never bathed even though there was no discernible scent to him. And he had a car that was painted to look like a Tempe PD car but with a Zombie Defense logo on it.

        I know you would never kill any human, you are too mushy.

        • I think it’s the bingo that gives it away.

          Check out that article on how to spot a serial killer.

          You’re right: I can’t even attack my puppets and they very often deserve it. Violent little devils, the lot of them.

          • Friendly authority: The stranger projects some kind of nonthreatening authority [for example, a police officer or park ranger]…This is a tough one too, because some serial killers come tricked out with police identification and police-like vehicles. Insist that he call a uniformed backup if you have not done anything wrong and you are being ‘arrested.’


    • That is spooky. Also, it shouldn’t be trading cards. You can’t do anything with trading cards. It should be playing cards. A good conversation starter at your next cribbage social!

        • Serial killers, naturally! Actually cribbage is a pretty common social activity in these parts. Along with . . . Bingo. And meat raffles. And other strangeness.

          • Cribbage is an old person thing out here. We play Magic: The Gathering or Cards Against Humanity. Or other table top games.

  2. Bizarre but well done. I wonder if there’s a site for my favorite crime, art theft. The thing about art theft is not only is it enormously difficult to plan, it’s almost impossible to sell the art! It’s really mostly about love of the heist. And a proper art thief never kills a guard.

    • The most famous theft was of the Mona Lisa, and that was done for political reasons. And then, as I recall, it sat in the guy’s apartment for two years. I think art vandalism is more interesting because it is almost always do to mental illness. But the great thing about the serial killers is that it allows all their artists to be really creative. And I think that’s mostly what the owners are: artists.

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