Morning Music: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nick CaveDoes it seems like I’ve been skating through this week of Nick Cave? Does it seems like I’ve been skating through the whole week regarding everything? It seems like that to me. I must admit, I’m tired. Really. It takes so much more effort to write for Frankly Curious than it does for my day job. It’s weird, I think. I mean, I can write whatever I want here in any way that I want to. Maybe it is just a matter that I know what is expected of me there. It isn’t crap. But it is soulless. You all deserve something better.

I’m thinking of doing something for the Morning Music posts next week that I know a whole lot about. That always makes things easier. Nick Cave has always been this guy who I admire but I didn’t follow. I didn’t rush out and buy his newest albums the way I did with a number of other artists. So in a sense, I needed to spend as much time on Nick Cave as I did on the music of Mali. But like I said, I’ve been really tired. I’m looking forward to finishing this post just so I can take a nap.

We are going to end the week with a live concert of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds from 2001. I do tend to like his later work more. And this concert has the distinct advantage of no mustache. I don’t know what he was thinking. This concert has a couple of unfortunate interview sections, but otherwise it is really great. And I admire what he says about his religious beliefs being fluid. It seems to me that if you take religion seriously, then your thinking has to be fluid. Anyway, this is a fine way to spend three-quarters of an hour:

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