Morning Music: Nick the Stripper

Prayers on FireWell, I told you we would get to Nick Cave eventually. Kind of. Today we listen to another song by The Birthday Party. But at least this one is written by Cave. This song is off their album, Prayers on Fire. And it is called “Nick the Stripper.” I can’t say that it’s an example of good songwriting. But it’s a hell of a song.

“Nick the Stripper,” I would have to say, is post-punk. It has a great bass and drum part that is reminiscent of Gang of Four. On the other hand, the guitar is all over the place — post-punk at times and sixties San Francisco rock at others. Then there’s the great horn sounds. And Nick Cave’s unique contributions to singing that are not so much music as failed attempts at throat singing.

The whole thing is hypnotic and amazing. No wonder this group wasn’t successful!

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