The Disingenuous Trey Gowdy

Trey GowdyI just read a remarkable article over at Rolling Stone, The Endless Trial of Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Committee. It is written by Andy Kroll, who clearly looks at Gowdy was a jaundiced eye, but wants to be super fair to this man who heads the latest and biggest investigation on just what happened in Benghazi three and a half years ago. No, wait. That’s not what they are looking into. They are looking into what happened afterwards, because exactly what Susan Rice said on Sunday talk shows is really important! In the end, the entire Benghazi investigation has come down to whether the Obama administration was spinning the attack for political advantage. So even if everything Gowdy and company says is true, it is a witch hunt.

But reading the article, you get the impression that Trey Gowdy is the true victim here. He used to be a prosecutor, and by all accounts a great prosecutor. And now he is so upset because it is all so partisan and unfair. He has to wait forever to get documents. And then Hillary Clinton would only testify in public, as if a closed door testimony would have disclosed something important. (Let’s face it: the public testimony just showed that the worst things we thought about the hearings and Trey Gowdy were exactly right.) Oh, how the Benghazi chairman wishes he had stayed a prosecutor!

Gowdy just wanted “to run a serious, document-centric, fact-centric investigation.” And that’s why again and again he leaked information to damage Democrats in general, and Clinton in particular.

I don’t doubt that he does. Nowhere in the article is the most important fact here: prosecutors are by far the most powerful members of the legal system. Everything is set up to their advantage. After OJ Simpson was found not guilty, a lot of people claimed that it was unfair that he was able to spend millions on his defense. So what?! The state spent millions prosecuting him. The state can spend as much money as it likes on any given case. So I’m sure that Trey Gowdy is indeed very unhappy that he now finds himself a fair fight where he doesn’t battle against people who have no real weapons.

The amount of whining that he does in this article is amazing. In fact, it is whining from beginning to end. Listening to him, you would think that he was a babe in the woods — totally unaware of just how nasty politics was. And there he is, like a real life Superman standing up for Truth, Justice, and the American Way! It’s just the media and the Democrats who politicized this. He just wanted “to run a serious, document-centric, fact-centric investigation.” And that’s why again and again he leaked information to damage Democrats in general, and Clinton in particular. In fact, this is doubtless why he wanted a private testimony with Clinton — so he could leak selective bits that made her look bad.

But according to Trey Gowdy, the Benghazi hearings were a success. He said, “We have interviewed this number of witnesses nobody else interviewed, including eyewitnesses, [accessed] these documents from these agencies that nobody else accessed, and, oh, by the way, we have the correspondence from the two people who, one knew the most about Libya being the ambassador, and the other arguably knew more about our policy in Libya than anyone else.” So this hearing — the eighth that Congress had — was all about fact finding. So he found some new facts. And they told us squat. Because there is no there there.

But we are supposed to feel sorry for poor old Trey Gowdy because he was just doing the prosecutor’s job of getting to the facts. Of course, we know that Gowdy was just acting as a hit man and that he was willing to lie to do so. This is the problem that prosecutors face when they have to get a real job: they show themselves to be incompetent and immoral. Rolling Stone shouldn’t have given him space to make his case. It was far more fair than Gowdy has ever been to Hillary Clinton or anyone in the Obama administration.

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13 thoughts on “The Disingenuous Trey Gowdy

  1. Frank – thank you for reading the whole Trey Gowdy article and reporting on it – I gave up on it a few paragraphs in – I could not stomach it.

    • I was amazed I made it all the way through. But there was something fascinating about it. It really is the best possible presentation of the guy, and he still comes off bad.

  2. Yes prosecutors are pretty powerful-one only has to see what is going on in Pennsylvania to see that.

    What makes me roll my eyes is that the Republicans should have simply shut down the committee after that rare bit of honesty from Rep. McCarthy or whoever it was over how this was only for taking down Clinton. And yet they believe that eventually it has to become Monica Lewinsky all over again-someday they will have something, anything to nail Clinton on ignoring how the Clintons are very much used to this and therefore do a lot to ensure that yes, they are in compliance with the law. Sometimes they even try to be in compliance with ethical and moral codes!

    He reminds me of prosecutors who go after someone and then refuse to give up after it comes out that the person was not only innocent but the medical examiner was corrupt as well as incompetent. I am thinking of Rennie Gibbs in Mississippi was charged with depraved heart murder due to the medical examiner (who was later found to be not just incompetent but grossly incompetent) claiming it was the trace amounts of cocaine in the fetus’s system and not the fact the cord was wrapped around the fetus’s neck that caused the demise.

    In both cases it is not justice but egos that are carrying the day which is disgusting.

    • I suspect after the McCarthy comment, Gowdy felt he absolutely could not end the committee because that would be the same as admitting that it was true. But for such a “great” prosecutor, he seemed like a petulant school child at the hearing.

      • Plenty of prosecutors act that way sadly. One threw such a fit over my holding him accountable he was fired.

            • I’m totally pressed. Lots more day job work. And I only get to comments in the morning and at the very end of the day — which is usually morning.

                • I have two articles of James that I haven’t been able to get around to. But if you are being evil and talking about writing long comments, I really do appreciate manageable sized comments!

                  • I am lazy and too impatient to write James level novel comments. Plus half the time I am on my cell so long comments are difficult.

                    • James is easy. I’ve had commenters in the past who wrote such long comments that the system broke them up in 4-5 comments. It’s pretty manageable these days — especially since people are talking more to each other. I hope that continues. Although, if it does, it will eventually bring the trolls.

                    • Trolls are fun to play with. I hope the chattering continues, it seemed kind of awkward when it was me or James.

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