Morning Music: Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter

Rock 'n' Roll AnimalOkay. I’m willing to admit when I’ve made a mistake. And I’ve made a mistake with this poorly considered week of sound-oriented guitarists. So I’m going to finish out the week with guitarists who aren’t necessarily so into sound (although all electric rock guitar is a lot about sound). I’m just going to go with some guitarists who I admire. One of them is Dick Wagner. Another is Steve Hunter.

They are probably best known for their work with producer Bob Ezrin (one of my all time favorites — one of the unsung greats of rock music). In this capacity, they worked with acts like Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, and even Kiss. Well, Wagner played the lead guitar on the typically stupid Kiss song, Flaming Youth.

You can hear the two of them play together on a bunch of Alice Cooper albums. Dick Wagner was particularly close to him. But I thought we would listen to the two of them off the beginning of Lou Reed’s album Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal. They played so beautifully together. This intro — before “Sweet Jane” — was written by Hunter. I think Reed especially sucks at this period where he was addicted to speed. But the band is so great that it doesn’t much matter.

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