Anniversary Post: 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Haiti Earthquake 2010On this day in 2010 was the 7.0 M earthquake in Haiti that killed well over 100,000 people. The death toll was so high because it struck the most populated area of the country. In all, over three million people were affected by it. I think Haiti is an embarrassment to the west. There is no reason for us to allow its people to live in such poverty and suffer so much. But of course, that’s the modern American way: people are divided into the winners and the losers — the producers and the moochers. If someone was a winner, they would be smart enough not to be born in Haiti.

7 thoughts on “Anniversary Post: 2010 Haiti Earthquake

  1. Cranky about having to leave your home?

    Part of the problem of stopping such nations as Haiti from being in dire straits is how do you fix it when the government itself is the problem? Supporting better the NGOs would be a good start however there is only so much they can do. :/

        • Absolutely, that’s the toughest part. Rich nations could easily invest in poorer ones in ways that supported genuine good-government. But that would take an awakening by rich nations we’re not politically ready for yet. We’d rather continue exploiting them and pretend Bono or Bill Gates will use Magic O’ The Market to alleviate suffering.

    • Most bad governments continue to exist because we prop them up. But I’ve given money to Clinton’s Haiti projects.

        • Well, in many cases, things are much better. Democracy really does work. Of course, when we’ve supported an autocrat for decades and hen walk out, things go very badly for a long time. But even then, I’m not sure it is worse than it was before.

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