Morning Music: I Got Stoned and I Missed I

Best of Shel SilversteinLet’s go back to Shel Silverstein’s songs. As far as I know, he was not a drug user. But he wrote about drugs a lot. A good example of that is “I Got Stoned and I Missed It.” It’s a song that a lot of people have covered, most notably Dr Hook and Jim Stafford. The song sounds like a pro drug song, but the whole point of it is that the singer misses out on his whole life because he’s stoned all the time.

As is pretty much always the case, the music is super simple. The band might interject some passing chord, but it is just two chords: I and V. And truthfully, these are the kinds of songs that seem to be most joyous. Despite the lyrics, the song seems almost to be an advertisement for cannabis. Certainly the person who put this video together thought so.

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