Morning Music: Burl Ives Shrugged

A Holly Jolly Christmas - Burl IvesWho is Burl Ives? When he says that we should have a Holly Jolly Christmas, is he a destroyer or a liberator? Why does he have to sing his songs not against his enemies but against those who need them most? Why does he sing his hardest battle against the woman he loves?

You will know the answer to these questions when you discover the reason behind the baffling song that plays each Christmas in the lives of the amazing men and women at this blog. You will discover why a musical genius becomes a worthless playboy… why a great folk singer is working for his own destruction… why a composer gives up his career on the night of his triumph… why a beautiful woman who produces children’s Christmas specials falls in love with the man she has sworn to replace with Paul Soles.

9 thoughts on “Morning Music: Burl Ives Shrugged

    • I don’t know. It just popped into my head, “Who is Burl Ives?” And I went with it. I couldn’t decide if I should provide a link for Paul Soles. “I want to be a dentist!” Oh, how I love that character. I don’t actually know anything about the actor.

      • Ah, I don’t usually know who the actors are on these shows and I often just go look them up on my IMDB app. The perils of the modern age. :D

        I was thinking of watching all of them tomorrow since I lost my copy of Hogfather and cannot watch that like I like to.

        • Oh! I didn’t know there were any more movies. I only learned about Discworld from the Going Postal series. Since then, Andrea and I have made a mad dash to catch up.

          Yes, what would we do without IMDb?!

          • It is not that long but then, your movie list is probably taller than I am.

            I have no idea, have to have those 1,001 movie books you hate?

            • I’ll see about getting it.

              I try to be careful recommending films. People often take my gushing about a film as an indication that they should see it. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that. For example, I loved Die Wand, but I fully admit that most people would find it boring. But I think anyone who doesn’t love Shaun the Sheep Movie is dead inside!

                • I first watched The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes on Hulu. That was many years ago (2007?) and I watched it many times. I love that film. Unfortunately, it isn’t there anymore. But you can watch the last 5 episodes of Bob’s Burgers! I like this television version of The Count of Monte Cristo starring Richard Chamberlain, although Haydee gets short shrift.

                  I’m hoping to get my family to watch Shaun the Sheep Movie and Bride of Frankenstein tomorrow. They probably won’t, though.

                  • I am poking through the S section and they have a bunch of Samarai films but as a woman, I am legally barred from enjoying them. Plus I have no idea which one is any good.

                    I have not seen Shaun of the Sheep so if they have it, I will watch it. At least it sounds like you got to stay home for Christmas since you seem fairly chipper.

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